Friday, December 05, 2008

Download my discography

I've heard that since the myspace was deleted, a lot of people have been wondering where to download my old discography from - well wonder no longer!

(mostly) everything is linked to from my friends at CrunchyCo records.

The following records are available to download as full .zips or each mp3 individually:

  • Sabrepulse Says Hello
  • Famicom Connection
  • Terra
  • Nintendokore
  • Chipbreak Wars
  • Titan
  • Verao
  • Realization (feat. Xinon)
  • Turbo City


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dude, what happened to the myspace?

Ash said...

It got deleted!

Anonymous said...

well i know that much but why haven't you made a new one :S

Anonymous said...

WOO it's back!!
love you :)

Ёкарный Бабай said...


Frosbite said...

Thanks for all the attention you put into your tracks over the years man, I love just about every piece you put out. Verao really hit my nostalgic bone as well as Turbo City. Thanks a ton, again.

Kevin Carter said...

Hey Ash, just discovered your music a few months ago (thanks to the "breakcore" Wikipedia entry) and was blown away. Just wanted to let you know that the Chipbreak Wars link on CrunchyCo doesn't seem to be linking to the entire file. Maybe the FTP transfer didn't complete?

Anyway, your music is incredibly well-crafted, and I really enjoy it. Even played a live remix of Purple Haze on Kaossilator last week. Keep rocking.