Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New things

I'm writing a new album, much to the constant annoyance of wayne (eric chiptune) no doubt, as whenever this happens he finds himself with hundreds of unfinished demos and snippets on his hard drive. Kudos to the man for putting up with it all, I get quite excitable when i'm on a roll.

Recent weeks have been filled with partying, gaming and breakups - that daft microsoft advert with the hipster girl getting loads of inspiration after dumping her bloke is pretty spot on really - apart from her writing kitsch indie and me with the gabba fist/ragga chipbreak.

So i'm looking forward to releasing and performing this new material over summer+beyond - i'm producing it with a laptop but it'll be the first record that I attempt to master with a new desktop machine - so expect the quality to be higher than that of say, chipbreak wars.


will said...

and just wondering are you selling your shirts anywhere? the button one is sweet.

Scott said...


cant wait man :]

I came to see you played at glasgow, you prolly wont remember but im the dude with the 8-bit punk t-shirt haha


Anonymous said...

Tell me if you like it, or if i should take it down.



Jesse said...

Hey man I was also extremely interested in your t-shirts with the new logo! Please tell us where to get 'em if we can. I'm super glad to hear that you're focused on your work again! :]

Ash said...

I didn't realise people still read this thing! Thanks for your support guys!

Unfortunately I don't think i'm going to get those shirts (the 'button' logo ones) printed - i'm sure i'll have merch sorted for later on in the year either for the 09 Alliance Tour or similar.

Marshall1 said...


i'd definitely buy one of those shirts you had designs for on your old myspace

Allance tour 09 you say? :D i've got to make it to at least one show.

Looking forward to the album.

Jesse said...

haha i check this thing religiously even with the lack of updates!

when i saw your album progress jump from 5% to 20% i nearly poo'd my pants.

luke said...

finally :)
Can't wait for the new album man, going to be immense i know it :)

lewis said...

Hyperknight? Please tell me this is Hyperknight!

Luketha said...

Yeah i love hyperknight, and zero wave? Ahh thats an amazing song. What about i dont need you? Thats one of my favourites too!:)

Breen said...

i havent had a sabrepulse fix in waaaay too long!

higher quality than chipbreak wars = REALLY damn high D=

good to hear you finally put down Fallout ;) x