Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Silver Linings

Things have been weird recently - I don't really wish to air my dirty laundry for all and sundry (how victorian did that sound!?!) so i'll keep it brief.

Kate and I have been on and off for the past 3/4 years - mostly on, but more recently with spates of unfaithfulness and general yelling matches we've just got tired of each other as couples sometimes do. I'm moving out of the apartment at the end of April, to hopefully start a new fresh chapter in my life and leave behind all the crap that's been bogging me down. I'm also slowly coming to terms with the idea that i'm 'properly' single for the first time in years, and instead of being disheartened i'm thinking with clarity.

Roald Dahl wrote a fantastic short story called 'My Uncle Oswald' which chronicled the lifelong exotic sexual encounters of a old millionaire bachelor (unsuprisingly written for an article in playboy). Maybe that's the way to go?

Aaanyway - good (and I mean fxxing awesome) news came at the weekend in that CrunchyCo want to fly me out to Seattle in may to play with Fighter X+Trash80!. Total score and it will mean a great deal to get away from the UK for a while and have a tiny adventure. I'll update with more details soon.

One more thing, Saskrotch's new record is going to blow your bloody underwear off.


Mightymints said...

Sorry to hear this, but sometimes you have to go with the flow. Remember the good times and learn from them.

cy9ez said...

I started listening to your music after ending a 5 year relationship. It definitely helped me gain some clarity. Good luck with the future, Make it count! =]

Btw, My friends and I have been playing a heck of a lot of l4d. I added you on steam. "Skip Sandwich DX"

Ryu said...

That sucks Hope things Work out.

Anonymous said...

Will you be able to play in California?

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're focused, lasses just get you down and aren't worth the fuss at all.

Good news about the trip to the states too - that's awesome.

Ash said...

i'll be able to play in california the week following the seattle show if someone wants me to play their show, get in touch!

salman said...

Good luck man
hope to hear you nearer home sometime

Anonymous said...

You know, its going to sound really silly to say this, but your music has helped me get through a tough break up. I'm sorry to hear about you and kate. You don't know me, but I'm from Arizona. Just to let you know you're a big inspiration out here to some DJs in Arizona's party/rave scene. I've always been a fan and it would be amazing if you could come play a show here some time. Keep your chin up, and keep up the amazing work. I know you can make it through by just jamming to some good tunes and taking it one day at a time. Take it easy.