Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Summer Gigs: USA & Europe

Ok, so i've half got myself back on the gigging track - here's a list of the shows i'm booked to play in the coming months:

22nd May - Lo-Tek Resistance 6 (Street Show @ NW Folkfestival) - Seattle, USA

23rd May - NW Folk Festival - Seattle, USA

24th May - Dr. Dad's House Party (no idea what this is but hey!) - Olympia, USA

5th June- The Most (Open Air Festival) - Kiev, Ukraine

26th June - Toyfabric 7 - Ghent, Belgium

17th July - Rock Herk Festival
(to be confirmed this week) - Herk-De-Staad, Belgium

There are some UK dates being confirmed at the moment, and hopefully i'll get round to organising this year's alliance tour soon. I might even be able to squeeze in making some new tunes...!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to call Dr. Dad's your going away party :P

velo said...

Dear Sabrepulse, this is the dawn of a new era. http://8bitcollective.com/music/velo/Light+At+the+End+of+the+Tunnel/ Also, hope you don't mind, but I turned ya into a minimalist ambient track.

Luke said...

Glad to see you're playing shows. None in my area though. Got any merch coming out? I'd love a Sabrepulse t-shirt. :D

Anonymous said...

Any chance you're coming to Dour festival? :P
Would be so great! Can't come to Rock Herk :'(

Anonymous said...

I'll be in Europe for the summer so I'll definitely see if i can see your shows in Ghent or Belgium.

nurse182 said...

any chance you might make a trip to Los Angeles or Hollywood or anywhere in California

dante said...

Come to Philadelphia!

BitMotivation said...

5 JUNE \0//////