Friday, June 19, 2009

Chiptune Alliance 2009

I'm starting to put together ideas for this year's tour, who's going to play, where we're going to play and how it's all going to happen.

If you're interested in helping out or know UK promoters who would be interested in hosting nights at the end of september please get in touch here/twitter or join the discussion on 8bitcollective here

I'm also considering changing the name to '8bit Alliance' as it seems broader, any thoughts?


Richard Wilkins said...

its dexter
i would be up for playing a southern date

chalk ink promotions (google him) would probably do a show at ibar in bournemouth, he says he will only do chip shows if sabrepulse is playing :P

peter said...

Keep the name D=

Breen said...

no matter what the name is, PLEASE play Leeeds!!!!

although tbh 8bit alliance sounds good ;)

Jack Taylor said...

Play L.A. Im not sure if your coming to the states but if you do it would be amazing. love your work
and the name is tight

Anonymous said...

Please play in Glasgow!

Graham Tate said...

Contact Fab Cafe Leeds, im comin to both sheffield and edinburgh gigs, but if you played in leeds would rock, go to and ask them about hosting, it's a cult tv and movie bar, they had kunt and the gang play there twice, so would deff host i'd rekkon.

Brndn said...

I think the title Chiptune Alliance is more broad-range. Some chiptune artists delve into the realm of 16-bit (not a whole lot, but they're there) or use fake chip methods like FL Studio or modplug or whatever else. Chiptune is about the sound created, 8bit is about the technology used (or at least that's how I see it).