Monday, July 27, 2009

British Summertime

Last weekend was the laziest i've had in a while - great to catch up on a lack of sleep from working and recent gigging, but the contstant rain - and bellowing thunder as i'm writing this - leave me wondering why I choose to live in such a grim summer climate.

Out with the doom and gloom, things of note are a new Macbook Pro 13", which instantly makes every other laptop i've had seem a bit fisher-price, and a korg nanokontrol for an outboard knobbox solution to the alesis keyboard i'm currently using live.

I'll put up a selection of the rock herk festival photos up at some point, it was an amazing show - one of the best i've ever played with a huge crowd who were really up for it, a massive thanks to maarten and all the guys involved with it's organisation!

The Japan tour is coming up next month, and i'm so stoked to be playing alonside legends like Hally, YMCK, USK, Maru & Xinon - it'll also be nice to spend some time in a warmer climate ;)

1 comment:

salman said...

"pretty much everywhere its gonna be hot" =P

Haha its supposed to get pretty warm for the rest of this week around the yorkshire area, well according to BBC weather.

The Korg nanokontrol looks pretty badass, i was eyeing up the korg nanopad a while back :)