Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The new layout is up over on myspace.com/sabrepulse - i've got extremely limited net access at home (iphone), and there's no firefox at work so i'm going to be unable to sort the content out till this weekend.

There is a new song up, i'm not planning on 'Star Romance' being part of the new record - it's just a nice poppy summer track!

Chiptune Alliance 2009 is shaping up, here's the touring lineup:

Fighter X
Henry Homesweet

Unicorn Kid (Scottish dates only)

and here are the current dates:

25 Sept - London
26 Sept - TBA
27 Sept - Bournemouth
28 Sept - TBA
29 Sept - Sheffield
30 Sept - TBA
1 Oct - TBA
2 Oct - TBA
3 Oct - Glasgow
4 Oct - Edinburgh

If you're a promoter or know a promoter (UK only) who would like to book any of the tba dates please email sabrepulseATgmail.com or chiptuneallianceATgmail.com



Anonymous said...

Possibly ten shows now!? Oh my word.

Ash said...

hopefully so!

Anthsequence said...

The new tune is epic. Any chance of a Megaupload/Rapidshare link? or something along those lines :D

Hope you make it back to Newcastle on the tour!

SpecialK said...

Where can i pic up tickets from?

Scott said...

this will be epic, love everyone in the line up, it could possibly top last year ;]

Anonymous said...

new tune has some some supersaw in it huh? don't you think that's a little polyphonic? 8bc wouldn't approve. I'll let it slide this time though. It is a very nice summer tune indeed.

Anonymous said...

The people on 8bc are into Lady Gaga covers...

krystel said...

if youre not releasing star romance can we download it somewhere? i really like it a lot

Ash said...

i'm tidying it up and adding bits of vocals - when i'm done i'll put it up on this blog, thanks!

krystel said...