Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Help us fill in the missing alliance tour dates!

I've asking tons of promoters if they'd be up for putting on the alliance tour on the missing dates:

26th September (London/South UK)
30th September (Midlands/North England)
1st October (Anywhere in england!)
1st October (Midlands/North England)

but so far, not one good lead!

So it's time for plan b - house parties and raves and such! Do you have one coming up on any of those dates that you'd be interested in having the alliance 09 guys (myself, goto80, fighter x, henry homesweet) coming along to? Henry homesweet will literally play for guinness :p

Get in touch if you fancy it!


carl mcbarron said...

how much will it cost for u to paly at a hosue party

Ash said...

it depends on where it is, if it's close to one of the dates we've got next then we'd probably do it for drinks and petrol!

Paul Duddy said...

i would actually pay you dudes hundreds of pounds to come and play at my house party in scotland.

Ash said...

let's do it then!



Anonymous said...

thinking of having a warehouse party for my mates birthday, in newcastle?

you up for that?

krystel said...

i'll ask my student union if they can have a night on the 26th since its right before freshers week!