Tuesday, September 08, 2009

want free tickets for you + 2 friends to ANY Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009 show? - Read on!

I've got 3 free spots up for grabs at any of the Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009 shows starting 25th september.

All you'll need to do is print the flyer for the event you want to go to beforehand, and hand it out in your town! - in doing so geting the word out to people that we're in town, introduce new people to chiptune music and do your part for the 8-bit scene in the uk!

We'll also give you copies of the 2009 tour cd!

If you're interested please either comment here or email me (sabrepulse at gmail.com) and i'll send you more info!


Jesse said...

If only I was on that side of the Atlantic.....damn

beth, said...

i'm up for it.
was gunna buy tickets for this anyways,

wavdash said...

i'd totally want this, but too bad i live in the states. :{

Anthsequence said...

I would be all over this if I wasn't driving to Sheffield from Sunderland.

krystel said...

im in london, give it to me.

Psy said...

Definitely interested. I was gonna go anyway and all I do is spread your music to everyone I know anyway heh.

E-mail mee ; mako_infection@hotmail.com

BitMotivation \m/ said...

I'm so far away :'(

Anonymous said...

Hey im well up for this Ash :)

my town have never heard of the word 'chiptune' as i am the only artist who is around here.

But i would gladly participate with this :)

if intrested just say :D

my email samthorn10 (at) gmail (dot) com

Seamus said...

If you're needing word put out about the Edinburgh show, then I'd be happy to put out a few flyers in places :)

rogue_process[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk if you're interested!

g said...

I could put posters up all over fife. It's not THAT far away from glasgow..but it may not be worth the effort. either way get back to me if necessary


stella said...

I'm in Edinburgh too, but could do this definitely...
stella dot frank at the g to the mail com