Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009 Photoblog! - LUTON

Fighter X and Shirobon (looking smooth Mikey haha!)

GOTO80 in full effect!

Nick (Fighter X), me and wayne having it laaaarge

Nick and Sophie (of girljoy fame! - she's tiiiiny)

Gwem's killer guitar!

and the man himself!

Fighter X rockin it

Me and mikey, watch his face throughout these photos - never ever changes :p

that's what too many lambrinis will do to you

he had to get carried off the stage at one point, oh how I love him!

Shirobon & Fighter X's setup

Mine and GOTO80's setup (his to the right)

No idea who this guy was but hot damn he's awesome

The natural habitat of a Henry Homesweet

Wayne contemplating the nights ahead!

Excuse me Mr. Homesweet, could you buy me a wispa?

Anders (GOTO80) having been picked up from the airport!

Nick actually spent 3 hours in a detention cell with some nigerian drug smugglers becuase he didn't fill in his landing card. Good old uk immigration, WELCOME TO THE UK BOYO!!!

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Jesse said...

This really makes me sad for not being able to go. All the artists I look up to the most were there :[[

Fucking Atlantic Ocean....