Sunday, October 11, 2009

End Of An Era

So much has happened in the past week I could take up an entire page talking about it! Bottom line is i'm saying goodbye to scotland today and relocating down south - i've had some great times and i'll miss people here, but it's time to move on.

Looking forward to getting the new shirts in next week and sending them off to all the people who've ordered so far - thanks once again for all your support!

In a way it's great things have turned out the way they have - i'll have a bit more spare time in the run upto xmas to get some new music out!


jonCas said...

good luck with the move! hope all goes well

Haioko said...

It's unfortunate to hear you're leaving good ol' Scotland Ash, and I hope the best for the future.

Just because you don't live here anymore, doesn't mean your gigs will be any less awesome. Keep truckin'