Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey guys+girls!!!

the limited run of blue tshirts have been a real success and have almost sold out!!!

if you'd like to get hold of one before they're all gone go over to: SABREPULSE.BIGCARTEL.COM - accepts paypal and ships internationally!

people have already started receiving their shirts, and i'm posting all the outstanding ones this week - just a word of warning though, here in the uk right now there are postal strikes which could cause delays. If you'd like to know if your shirt's been sent please send an email to SABREPULSE AT GMAIL.COM and i'll track it down for you.

Another bit of good news (and something that followers of my blog might already know :p) is that a new sabrepulse album is in the works and finally starting to take shape, i'm aiming for an early 2010 release, with preview tracks being available on myspace in the coming months. The album will be available to download for a small fee, or as a full priced CD to purchase containing artwork and bonus materials. More details when I have them!

My final two gigs of 2009 are taking place next week - the first is wednesday 28th at the camden barfly, london - playing with Unicorn Kid as part of the roundhouse/bbc emerging proms - and the second is friday 30th at Gamecity Squared in Nottingham where i'll be running a one-hour workshop on gameboy/chiptune music in the afternoon then performing live during the evening.

Check my myspace profile for more information, tickets to the events and so on!!!!!


jonCas said...

You should make your last show this year at Blip Festival :D

Anonymous said...

Ash can play with me at Blip.

Alec said...

If you play at blip festival I will piss my pants. I still regret not coming last time you were here

Famikiller said...

Mate, I've tried to get in touch with you so many times.

You told folk to email you to see if their t-shirts got sent out.
I ordered one a few weeks ago and I've emailed you but you've not got back to me.

Whats the chat man??