Monday, October 05, 2009

Things I have learned from this year's alliance tour

1. most danish people are bi-sexual
2. 'the migrane skank' is the second worst song in the world, next to funkee dee's 'are you gonna bang doe?'
3. liverpool is the worst place to host a chip night, but they have amazing nights out.
4. it really is colder up north
5. If i'm going to continue gigging with the same frequency as I have this year, or do another tour - I need a manager.

Stay tuned for a proper gig-by-gig update with photos!


Anonymous said...

6. Never settle for just one Wispa.

Ash said...

you are right my friend, I would like two

Anonymous said...


BLACKALiCE said...

Can't wait to see these photos, Glasgow was AWESOME!

Thanks for signing my DS though, I'm the jealousy of at least 3 people I know. And I made a nice little tune the day after, so it must of gave me luck :)

Anonymous said...

Did those danish folk from the edinburgh/glasgow gig try it on with you mate?

Seb.Campbell said...

Not just a manager, but a tour thru scandinavia!