Monday, November 09, 2009

Life Update

I've been a very busy bunny of late - had two truly excellent shows in London (Camden Barfly w/Unicorn Kid) which sold out and in Nottingham for the Games City Live event featuring a tracker workshop from Syphus and I, then performances together and alongside Free Market Economy and some rather odd/hilarious videogame poetry!

Inbetween all that i've had a meeting with a major label, went as a rabid zombie to a halloween party, networked with some really influencial (and lovely!) people within the gaming industry, partied and spent lots of time in london, and have been writing a lot of new material.

At the end of this month i'll be travelling to sunny Rio de Janeiro with henry homesweet to perform at the Hipersonica 2009 festial alongside chip superstars such as Bit Shifter & Covox - which is all a bit random and quite exciting!!!!!

Just a quick note to people who've yet to recieve their tshirt orders - i've got 5 remaining shirts to send here and they're being posted today, please let me know if you don't recieve anything by the end of the week if you're overseas.

Until next time!!!


Famikiller said...

I'm still waiting on my T, bought it as soon as they were announced.
Got a shipping email from paypal last week tho.

The mail has been harsh.

will said...

Backstage at barfly <3
We loves you :D

waaah said...

i think all his mails are a bit harsh o_O
my shirt arrived monday^^ thx again:)
if you want i can upload a picture me wearing it for your myspace... i read something about this some months ago :D