Monday, February 22, 2010

Creating an ableton/LSDJ live set

Following with the ableton/lsdj theme, here's an excellent article by Marc Nostromo which explains how to set up an lsdj/ableton live set by manually copying your lsdj song structure over to live (he's referencing piggytracker but it's the same idea).

It's a painstaking process in recording each chain as a clip, but the possibiliies are endless once done - i've spent this weekend doing it with a few of my newer tracks, and after some advice from covox I think my new live set is going to rock!

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Marc said...

Actually you don't need to record all of your structure in different clip.

First go in the arrangment view and record the 4 channels separately as continuous waves there. Find the proper tempo so that your waves are properly aligned and chop the long waves into block there (ctrl+E is your friends). Then drag and drop the chopped clips between the arrangment and session view.


Once you got all tracks recorded and aligned properly, it's like a 10mins process.