Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bit Pilot - A new iPhone/iPod Touch game + Sabrepulse release

It's been a while since i've released anything - here's the first of a few things I have planned this year. 

I've collaborated with videogame designer Zach Gage on an iPhone/iPod touch shooter called 'Bit Pilot'.

All of the tracks are LSDJ, most of them are new, there will be an additional 4 tracks that will be released during updates for the game.

Basically, you get a a kick ass shmup and a new lsdj sabrepulse release for less than a cup of coffee smile

The soundtrack will be released on cd and download once all the updates are complete this year.

Release date very soon, website is here:



edit said...

this game and your music in it are sick. thank you, thank you, thank you.

WilhelmR said...

Awesome retro music, takes the game to another level :]

DocPop said...

I heard the music in the Bit Pilot trailer and I bought the game instantly. I'm not a fan of the shmup genre, but I'm totally obsessed with unlocking all the songs.

One request, I don't buy cds anymore, so I'm hoping you'll release the soundtrack digitally.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who owns the game, the tracks are inside the .ipa file. Just open it in Winrar or whatever.

And then buy the CD when it comes out, naturally!

matt said...

@Anonymous: thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, if you have a jailbroken machine and can SSH into it, just navigate to the application folder and copy the music files to your PC.

And then buy the CD when it comes out. :)