Friday, October 15, 2010

Live In Brooklyn (Shea Stadium) 8th October 2010

I played a 'chip rager' in Brooklyn with friends Anamanaguchi, Starscream and George & Jonathan. There were inflatable sharks, plenty of 4loko and very bright strobe lights - enjoy :)


Anton Eriksson said...

Dude! You're awesome!
Keep up the good work and keep making awesome tunes!
Hope you will bounce over to the cold Sweden someday soon!

rachel said...

i simply love your work and really hope to see you live someday! i still can't believe i couldn't attend to your concert when you came to rio.

and i'm definitely buying a shirt as soon as they're available! when are they going to be?

love from brazil <3

Samuel said...

Ash...thank you for VerĂ£o. It's your best and more concisely beautiful piece of work. I listen to it often. ur awesome!

My name is Meow, It's true! X3 said...

OMG! <3 Here's a another person who lives in Sweden n I waiting for u to come ! :DDD

P.s There's no doubt that you are the best 8-bit musician on earth ! :3
Load of love <3