Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back 2 Belgium

I'm playing in Brussels this coming saturday with some really talented guys - looking forward to this one!

Hopefully I won't be on at 4:40am like last weekend (you read that right). GOTO80 came up with the idea that belgians don't sleep and it's why all their shows go on till the sun comes up. I'm inclined to believe him.


panzer kunst said...

Hi !

I'll be with the guys who'll pick you up at Antwerpen on Saturday; would it be possible to make a small interview in the car during the journey to Brussels ?

Thanks a lot and see you there !


Jeremy said...

Hi Mate,

I am in the organisation of this party. Normally you should be playiny at 00:30.... see you on saturday


Ash said...

thanks for the heads up Jeremy, and as for the interview yeah i'm sure that'll be fine!

See you there!

Furiiku said...

REALLY looking forward to this! Can I be so bold as to request 'Tokyo Boy' and the Spring Republic remix? I hope there is Sabrepulse merchandise (CDs, T-shirts,...) :)

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is not only part of the organisation, he's Jean Biche's secret lover.

Anyway looking forward to this too!

Furiiku said...

Buh, sad to hear that it was a bad show for you! Couldn't get to the gig as friends with transportation sissied out.

panzer kunst said...

Sad for the show, but thanks for the interview ! I'll let you know when it's online.

See you at Rock Herk probably !