Friday, June 26, 2009

The Lone Cannoneer

3 years ago an acquaintance I made over the internet took his own life for reasons still fully unknown. I'm positive Yonlu was the most talented person i've known, my followers might know that many of my works from early till now (especially titan, terra and the more subdued tracks) were either influenced or dedicated to him. His music, intelligence and outlook were far beyond his 16 years.

His music is available here,, and a mastered album of his collected works is available to buy here and on itunes.

One of my favourite tracks is here:

If you have the time please take the time to listen.

In my heart and mind forever my friend x


Jesse said...

I've been a fan of yours for quite some time now. I've heard you talk about Yonlu. I just saw the myspace page for the first time, read the bio, and then saw the youtube vid on the page. I shed a freakin tear. This kid was SOOOO talented. The greatest always leave early.

zak said...

waterfall is brilliant

Anonymous said...

Very saddening. He would be amazed at the accomplishments you've made.....Waterfall is beautiful!

Richard Wilkins said...

i remember seeing this on your blog ages and ages ago. this made me cry, for such a talented musician at such a young age.

WAAAH said...

great song... and terra ep is your best album i think :)

Hoettienouw said...

Wow, i'm listening terra _ titan right now. + some other tracks but wow =O

Joseph said...

I had a listen for the first time today and some of the songs are really beautiful, it get's me when he talks about death in some of them though.

After listening to Luana I understand where you got the title of VerĂ£o from now as well.

Humiliation is probably my overall fave though :)


Melchior said...

I'm brazilian and I've got to say, I was only aware about his existence after he took that step to comfort. Many people labled Yonlu as a disturbed person. That he didn't fit on the normal issues. It might be, but, than again, can this normal world fit around some particular and peculiar worlds that each person have?

I'm happy about Yonlu, happu cause he was so corageous to understand this world and take the right step. He took that step one and only for love. Hard to people understand that. Anyway, it's nice to see that his work is being digested around the world.
Hope Sabrepulse comes to Brasil one of these times. It will be so greatful. Keep the hardcore level.
Stage Clear!

Xer0 said...

Jesse beat me to it, practically the same sentiment here, those were some really wonderful tracks, in my opinion aswell Terra and Titan are some of my favourite works of yours (the speech from Forget is engraved on my soul). It's such a sad loss to the world, he was a great talent.