Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rock Herk Festival 2009

I'm playing the second stage at Rock Herk this friday evening (20:00), which is kinda nerve wracking as it's the first 'real' festival i've been asked to do. It's a FREE festival so if you're in the area you have no reason not to be there :p

Other bands/artists at the festival include The Horrors, Feadz, The Teenagers, Trail Of Dead, Panacea and loads more - blimey!

Joining me for midi/keys backup wil be my good friend Wayne (aka Eric Chiptune) - expect new tracks and mashups of old ones!

Here's the festival website in English and Belgian (Flemish? Dutch? I've still not got my head that yet)

I'm also dj'ing a birthday party at Tunnels in aberdeen on saturday night - a rather eventful weekend in total!


jonCas said...

o0o0o is there going to be audio or video of your whole set like they did for the seattle gig?

Ash said...

i'm not sure, i can certainly ask!

sammy said...

wickeeeeedd music bro !
rock herk is a small festival with a chill nerves needed. I'm pretty convinced the people attending, will eat out of your hands today as long as you keep them dancing !(we're flemish, and speak dutch :)

Groovebird said...

I never heard of Sabrepulse before Rock Herk but after your set yesterday, I got to say... I'm a fan!
The set was amazing and everybody seemed to enjoy it.

Keep it up!

breen said...

what the fuck, i just happened to be in belgium the past 2 weeks and didnt hear about this at all =[ =[ =[ sadface

ohh and i believe flemish and dutch are one and the same...