Saturday, August 22, 2009

TOKYO - Part I

You can smoke in bars, you can smoke in clubs, you can smoke in restaurants, but if you dare smoke on the street these guys will DESTROY you.
Poor-mans epcot centre. There's a funny story about this but you probably had to be there
Atari really need to up sticks and move their offices here. I gasped when I first saw this a few blocks away from our hotel
Ridiculously fake but unnervingly attractive
All this for less than a fiver, and they said tokyo was expensive!
What a view from the room!
Warning: falling off your bike will result in being electrocuted
Emi, our translator for the trip picked us up from Narita airport and we rode the bus to the hotel. I'm so glad it had a/c, i've never felt heat like that before!
My first ever taste of sake, ordered 2 more after this! Yum!
Views over somewhere in the world

After getting here, not sleeping for over 30 hours, playing a show in the most intense heat i've ever experienced and being completely overwhelmed by the vastness of this metropolis - i'm starting to settle in!

Here's some random photos of scenery and other gubbins!


Jesse said...

Ugh this looks fucking awesome. More vids/pics as your epic journey unfolds please?

jonCas said...

i must say sick kicks. can't wait to go to japan!