Sunday, August 23, 2009


Headed out to shibuya again to play at yaneura with ymck - probably one of the best nights out i've ever had, they really know how to party here! Here it is in picture form:

Caught the train to shibuya for my second show
Wayne and Sera
Hachi-Ko (statue of an akita that has a very famous back-story in japan) just outside shibuya station
Shibuya crossing at night
Some prep-talk on the wall before I went on stage
Yeah I couldn't believe that either.
Protip: When you've not caught up with sleep in days, wear sunglasses all the time. Tokyo doesn't think that's at all strange.
Ableton on my macbookpro kept messing up so I had to ditch and use wayne's EEE for this one. Performed brilliantly I must admit!
I'm pretty sure this wasn't the DNB logistics I know and love
Odd name for a band but whatever floats your boat!
2/3's of the wonderful YMCK
A 'live drawing' being done throughout the night in the venue
T-Shirt of epic proportions
The live drawing towards the end of the night, incredible!
Stepping out of yaneura and realising the sun had risen, always nice to be greeted by disney in the morning
an A away from being hilarious (at 5:30am)
Toshi, who provided us with a wild, expletive-filled journey back to our hotel
The back of his cab
A view over shinjuku from the room after getting back


Richard Wilkins said...

how did you clean the msi logo off your wind?

Anonymous said...

great great pictures here!

aaron said...

awesome, thanks so much for posting these!

Zak said...

I can almost smell it.