Thursday, August 27, 2009


Standing on the yamanote line at harajuku station
On a bridge overlooking one of the main streets in harajuku
A bit gutted we never got to see any of the shrines here
The Audi Forum, Harajuku - simply outstanding looking building!
A cool and relatively inexpensive restaurant which served free tofu with your beer!
Mid-set at Yaneura, Shibuya - My fave venue of the trip!

Shibuya crossing during daylight
Statue of the famous Hachi, was more touristy than I expected
This building seemed to have a mecha perched on top
The cats with 'R' symbols must really mean something, Meowth anyone?
Anyone played Jet Set/Grind Radio? Yup, that's shibuya bus station!

Akihabara, otaku heaven. Didn't spend as much time as I wanted in this place, to the delight of my wallet!
Club Sega Arcade in Aki
I think the tatio stations are a chain as there were a few in shinjuku/kabukicho too
Mr Music going for it!
From left to right: Sera (Sickness clothing owner + promoter of my tour), moi et Emi, our lovely translator!
Takeshi from YMCK dropped by to say hi!
And drink :)
I can't remember this guy's name but we had some laughs in kinoto and here at bar rock no kokoro!
Jose Cuervo was working his charm on Mr Music again
This guy ran rock no kokoro and made me drink shots everytime I lost pop-up-pirate (and I lost a LOT)
When in japan, do the peace thing in photos
A strangely familiar geisha and....
The beautiful Dj Merry. *Sighs*...

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Melchior said...

The Shibuya dog statue is for real! Tokyo is freaking awesome!