Saturday, August 29, 2009


From Tokyo I flew to Fukuoka to meet up with USK and the Fuckoka crew - a really crazy couple of days!

The sunset over Kyushu was jawdropping
This is FUK!
USK got in from work after midnight but was still a chip star
"it's ok, every relax your bodies"
The next day travelling to Club Zoom
Hally & Yusuke repping it at a bus stop
Rape is an odd flavour
Cel-shading is a real thing in Japan!

"Like, don't cross the road, etc..."
Turn right immediately
It means 'cute pet' over there. Seriously!
I stil don't get what the tin foil was for
Spot the scumbag dj's
Darth Hally
Hally's toys, really envious of that sd slotted famicom cart
My lowly setup for the evening, had to leave the apc40 in tokyo :(
He was wearing two belts of delicious sticks. Bit shifter loves them!
Eric Chiptune and Dj Fatshit being electrocuted
When you're in japan you automatically do that peace thing, weird!
My favourite photo of Sub-69
This one's called 'Mike Seidman & the Ladyboy'
And here we have 'drunk guy from atlanta with another ladyboy'
No caption is really needed for this one.
Futoshi mid-set, playing scum-trance and loving it
DJ Ten messing with some visuals I think!
Couple of weirdos that were there all night
USK during portalenz's set going for it
What a messy table
Tokyo did not have palm trees
And i'm pretty sure it wasn't this green
Reminded me of Shenmue
There was a cat that had just killed a pigeon in that bush


Franz said...

Nice, so there's the MBP. Now I ask myself why you had an eee in Tokyo part II?

Paul said...

haha, that town in the last few pictures looks like it is directly out of shenmue!