Thursday, September 03, 2009

Home and not so dry

Japan was absolutely incredible - and i've fallen madly in love with Tokyo more than any city before.

I'll get around to doing a final photo dump and also put some of the better videos up, some context for those of you that have no idea what's going on in the pics would help too!

While I was out there I managed to snag that elusive Akai APC40 ableton controller at almost a third off it's uk price, so the final (for now) piece of my studio puzzle is complete.

The next few weeks is the build-up to the Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009, so from somewhere I have to pull the motivation to tie up all the bookings, create posters, drum up hype and generally be a promotion wizard. Plus finish new songs, do a radio 1 interview/live session and bemoan the grim weather that wraps aberdeen.

But for now, i'll sleep.

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