Thursday, February 18, 2010

Help bring amazing artists to DATAPOP 2010 @ SXSW

I realise i'm banging on about this a bit at the moment, but time is of the essence!

Datapop is going to be one of the parties we play on the USA tour next month, and they're looking to make it a chip/8bit party haven by inviting tons of international artists - but obviously something of this magnitude needs funding, which is where the fans can step in!

There are TONS of awesome people playing already, but they're trying to raise enough cash to bring over artists from Japan, Sweden, France and Canada and make this thing blow up!

There are a ton bonuses for helping out, (if you're going anyway a few bucks would get you music + vip access to the show!) and i've given 20 sabrepulse tshirts, an lsdj cart and one of my gameboys (we'll get all artists to sign it) as extra incentives.
I realise there are much better causes in the world for donations, but if you're going to sxsw and you love chipmusic, get involved!

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