Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 was a good year - PART ONE

I've been meaning to upload dumps from iphoto for ages, so here we go...

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Gigging in 2009 started with a few DJ sets where I was living (Aberdeen), then in april Fighter X & CrunchyCo flew me over to play at the Folklife Festival alongside Trash80 and others - unfortunately my photos are came out horribly, here's some others:

We played shows + parties in Seattle and Olympia, I met some awesome people and had  an excellent time, if a little short-lived!

Next up was a little weekend break in may to Kiev, Ukraine for a very heavy breakcore/gabba event called 'The Most' which was held in a skatepark next to a river under a massive bridge/motorway. It had a fake beach and was a bit surreal, but a lot of people were there and it gave me chance to flex some of the heavier stuff i've done over the years - they loved the chip stuff too! Big shout to french breakcore artist Krumble who I met and got very drunk with - good times!

During june and july, aside from wearing that mishka tshirt all the time - I performed in belgium 3 times - once in Ghent, in Brussels and my favourite of all, Rock Herk festival:

more coming shortly!

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