Friday, February 19, 2010

LSDJ Tutorial for the complete novice

LittleSoundDJ a very popular music tool for the nintendo gameboy, i've used it for several years to create full songs and samples.

This tutorial is a repost from a few years ago, it's very basic but does the job. People have even told me it's really helped them, even some of my favourite new artists!

I always planned on adding photos and updating with advanced techniques, one of these days it might happen. What i'd love to do is take people through the process of writing an entire song using the program, from purchasing the rom and putting it onto a cart (it's a lot easier now than when I started), to getting the best recording possible - Start to finish.

That sort of 'hand-holding' would be frowned upon by many in the chip community, but if it means ushering a new generation of musicians willing to spend time with this music, and in turn creating great new tunes for me to listen to (very selfish I know..) - it's a good thing.


Shonen said...

I really hate how many people frown upon this tutorial, especially when they direct that hate on people that have just started writing chiptune and only want feedback on their first songs. The tutorial really helped me get started, and I always refer people to it when they ask me for help on getting started with LSDj :)

PS said...

This is brilliant

Anonymous said...

(certainly 99% selfish :D)

you started spamming your blog - it seems 2010 will be your year ;)

Jamal said...

I would love to see a tutorial like that from someone like me who really doesn't know where to start. but i can get a good start from the tutorial that you already have posted.

chrish said...

This is actually one of the first tutorials I read when I was starting up way back when. I remember finding it difficult knowing "where to go next" after I'd read it, so it'd be sick of you expanded it

Labcoat said...

Yeah it's ridiculous to think that people don't want you to share this basic knowledge. I would be no-where without your help. You learn the basics and then develop you're own style. If people think that it's giving away too much and it's making people sound like them, then they're not developing enough. I'd love to see more added

Anonymous said...

Hi Sabrepulse

Sorry man, but the tutorial is not there :-(, I got the following error:

Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.

(Can't contact the database server: Unknown error (localhost))

Do you have this tutorial placed in another website? Thanks a lot!

brendandotm said...

dunno if its just me, but the wiki seems to be down, is this tutorial hosted anywhere else or does anyone have it in pdf format

Anonymous said...

the great idea while this tutorial is down is to try to use the google cache to have it.
good luck